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For some inspiration, here is a list of jobs that use SQL the most. SQL is great for beginners to learn since it’s a declarative language. A declarative language allows coders to ‘declare’ the results they would like to see, without specifying the steps or process for said result. Structured Query Language or SQL (pronounced ‘sequel’) is the most common query language. As of November 2021, Python developers made an average of $108,824/year in the US.

Back-end development

Everything a Front End dev does ensures a great user experience. All the neat flourishes or seamless page loading is the result of a Front End dev. While a developer may care about a site’s appearance, their job is first and foremost about performance. Front End devs need to be both creative and technical because they work with both web designers and Back End devs. Most common example of Backend programming is when you are reading an article on the blog. The fonts, colors, designs, etc. constitute the frontend of this page.

Q8. What are backend developer skills?

Python can be used for cross-platform shell scripting and quick automation. Using frameworks like flask, we can also deploy machine learning models on the websites. A backend developer is one who makes use of the technology required to develop the products for the https://globalcloudteam.com/ backend of any website. A backend developer is responsible for building the structure of a software application. A programming language that enables you to create interactive web pages. When you visit a web page, your browser runs the JavaScript code on the page.

Back-end development

Backend developers should have sound knowledge of at least one of the backend and server-side programming languages. They must also know how to create, read, update and delete data from a database and communicate it to the user-facing side of the server. Backend developers must be proficient in handling APIs and the HTTP protocols along with version control systems like Git. Back-end developers have a great many tools and programming languages at their disposal.

Back End Developer Roles and Responsibilities

Ruby, Python, and PHP are among the three most popular Back End languages. There are other server-side languages along with database management languages like SQL. While it’s easy to assume that Back End languages are more software development difficult to learn because of its technical nature, that’s not the case. There’s a reason Python is the fastest-growing programming language. The versatile backend language is used for both web and desktop development.

Back-end development

There are also full-stack developers, who can work with both front-end and backend technologies. As mentioned above, backend development is what keeps the internet running behind the scenes. Backend development (also stylized as back-end or back end development) is the skill that powers the web. Yet it does it modestly, without fanfare—allowing people to browse their favorite sites without even knowing about all the work put in by the backend developer or team.

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Front end development involves what a user sees on the screen when they open a specific URL owned by you. Even in a completely static environment (with only HTML/CSS), when someone opens a website, some server on the planet needs to respond to you with those HTML and CSS files. Any time you see one web app’s technology used on another, APIs made it happen. Apps like Facebook, YouTube, Google, or Spotify make much of their data accessible through public APIs. We’ve discussed what back-end developers do, but what do they need to know in order to do it?

Back-end development

There are a lot of resources dedicated to the language as a result of the large community and support.

Backend Engineer vs. Backend Developer: What Do They Do?

Back-end devs remain in high demand for their technical expertise. According to March 2023 PayScale data, back-end developers earn $90,652 on average, while front-end developers make an average of $80,796. Most employers require back-end devs to hold bachelor’s degrees in computer science, programming, or web development.

  • Now that you’ve gotten a more detailed understanding of what is backend development, it is time to explore some popular and in-demand job roles in this field.
  • And the best way to do something comes out of necessity or interest.
  • Note that both positions, despite possibly working on one product, have a very distinct set of skills.
  • Briefly describe what the job is and what service you’re looking for.

They will also need the basics of software development so they can analyze at a glance if their designs are achievable and with which technologies. A backend engineer is responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the server side of web applications. In other words, a backend engineer’s primary responsibility is to build the structure of a software application.

What is the backend developer’s salary?

Since backend developers are involved in a more technically complex role, they can expect an average salary higher than that of front-end developers. According to payscale, the average market salary of a Backend Developer is $130K, whereas the average salary of a Frontend Developer is $115K. Though backend developers earn more on average, these salaries heavily depend on the skills that a developer possesses and both can earn equally at the higher levels.

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